To those of you who I know are eager to see what new things are currently making it into the list of things I will one day tell to my therapist, I apologize for the lull in posting. Here are my excuses:
1) Netflix has all the seasons of Desperate Housewives streaming and the second season got REALLY interesting.
2) Mardi Gras. Sorry I'm not sorry.
3) Schoolwork?
4) I flew home, which involved packing, which takes a long time and is difficult for me, because I agonize over what to bring and what to leave, and then I feel immensely sorry for the clothes I leave behind because I'm sure they're feeling awful that I couldn't bring them along too. There's a post for that.
5) I flew home, which also involved 7 disorienting hours of planes and airports, and I need time to recover--planes are full of traumatizing experiences and time warps, they're also the only place I play the game on my ipod called Klondike, a version of solitaire. It's immensely frustrating, I've played 47 games and only won 3 times, so I have to recover from the stress of losing so often in addition to recovering from the people I have to sit next to.
6) My parents put a new bed in my room. It used to be the one in my Aunt Elizabeth's room at my grandparent's house, which to my childhood imagination was the most frightening room in the whole world except for the fictional Ms. Trunchbull's office in the movie Matilda. I can't explain why it scared me, it just did, it was always ominous and dark and very different from the room my sister and I stayed in, which was bright and had a large Macaw in one corner. We never went in the other room if we could help it, except on dares. It has no reflection on my Aunt at all, I would like that to be known, but that room also, coincidentally, ruined the smell of lavender for me because there was a bowl of lavender in the room and now I associate the smell of lavender with deep-seated fear. Anyway I had to face the childhood demons of my overactive imagination to sleep in the new bed. It is very soft and cozy, so the transition is going well but I still need time to sit in it and make peace with this new addition to my room, and one that, as everyone knows, is very important to my psyche.
7) It's just that when I'm in Portland I have to go and sit in the coffee shop, and visit my Mom for lunch, and go shopping, and check out what all my friends here are doing--and that involves visiting Albertson's a lot.
8) I am, inherently, a lazy person, and not a great self-motivator--it's true.
9) I'm 3,000 miles away from where Morgan can come and berate me for not updating every day. She doesn't do it often but when she does...
But as a friend of mine once said, "Excuses are like butt-holes, everyone's got one and armpits stink." Which isn't the right phrase at all but you get the idea. In case you were wondering, I have a backlog of entries actually that I'll put up in chronological order, starting with last Tuesday. I think it was the 1st of March but we lost the family calendar so I really have no idea.
xoxo, Lauren
p.s. I just skyped with my sister in Spain and she would like it to be known that she is very fashionable.