I am sick with a sinus infection. I can tell because the space just above my eyes burns whenever I press my fingers into the sockets, and because my teeth hurt. I've seen enough x-rays of my mouth to know that my sinus cavities hang low over my molars, so when they swell they press on the roots. As you can imagine, it is very uncomfortable. I think I also have a fever, because my body seems unable to adjust appropriately to the temperature. Also, I am the queen of rolling chills. Today in class, which I had to go to because missing Constitutional Law would be a critical error on my part, I watched while they rolled up and down my legs. It would've been interesting if I weren't so miserable. Normally I am incredibly good at predicting when I'm getting ill and how to prevent it. It is a gift--I can wake up and say it's coming.  I'm good at reading my body, knowing when things are clicking along fine, and when something has thrown a wrench in its usual mechanics. But this beautiful weather made me overly optimistic, and I ignored all the little warning signs.  I had a headache and a tickle in my throat yesterday, but I couldn't bear to be inside so I went and played a little tennis (more on that later) and went for a run in the park. It was, in a word, glorious. The day was perfect. But now I am paying the price. All I can do is lay in my bed perfectly still, while a horrible ache settles into my joints. I know it's not a normal sore because it hovers just beyond where I can push it out with my impatient hands. It remains in a stubborn sit in my ankles, in my calves, into the knees and then my hips. My shoulders all day have been protesting against nothing, which I find infinitely frustrating. I like to deserve my pain. If I'm going to be sore and bone tired, exhausted to the point of not being able to move, I want to have earned it.

Today though my body is a heavy burden to my brain, and all I can do is close my eyes and reflect on how lucky I am to have illness be the outlier in the status of my being. At least it's only every once in awhile that I get sick, although I have been known to come down with some legendary illnesses. Once I had pneumonia in Yellowstone Park--I hiked the majority of the park on about half a lung. While camping. Impressive, no? Once I came down with a bad case of e.coli while in Spain and spent a horrific two days in a confusingly modern hotel--I'll spare you the unpleasant details of that one. I spent my first few weeks of college with swine flu, totally unable to breathe in the humidity here. I got a cough when I was a sophomore that to this day is still known among my friends as "the bear cough". But! All in all, I always recover. As I'm sure I will from this one too, though it better be quick. Nobody has time for this. Especially me. I have a flight to San Francisco in t-minus 58 hours (but who's counting?) that I will not miss. Not for anything, not for anyone. Get me to those golden gates! But that's a story for a different day.

xoxo, Lauren