So I heard rumors that second semester senior year was supposed to be when the livin' got easy, but as of now, no dice. Still on the book (or four) a week program, which sounds right up my alley, I know--but currently my reading list is Journal of the Plague Year, Henry and June, A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again and the the Sibelius case brief. I'd hate to give away too much, but one is about a horrific disease that swept through London in the 1600s and involves graphic descriptions of exploding bubos, one is the sex diary of a girl who played it fast and loose in Paris circa 1930, one is an essay of one man's experience on a borderline involuntary cruise, and  one is every Supreme Court Justice's opinion of full. I've only been enjoying one of them, but since I also heard a rumor that a mysterious woman is a sexy woman*, I'm not going to say which. Hint: It's not the bubos.

Anyway, that's not the only reason my life has been less than lackadaisical, but one of the reasons is my own fault. I accidentally missed class again, which is embarrassing, because I'm a second semester senior and you'd think that I could at least figure out how a schedule works. Alas, no dice on that front. Here's what happened: I was at work, and normally I leave at 10:45 and go to class at 11. For whatever reason, on Wednesday I got it into my head that I left at 11:45 and had class at 12. Here's the catch. You could've asked me what time class started, and I would've said 12. And then you could've asked me what time my break was from, and I would've said 12 to 2. I know how stupid this sounds, really, I do. I can't explain it. I also can't explain why it took me an extraordinarily long amount of time to figure out my mix-up. All I know is that at 11:50 I walked into the classroom, sat down, and started checking e-mail on my phone until a professor came in and started setting up--I register that this isn't my professor, but I STILL DON'T FIGURE IT OUT, I think, Awesome, guest speaker!

 It isn't until he starts talking about the Hebrew Bible that I have a weird moment of realization, look at my watch, curse my existence, and have to walk of shame out of the classroom. Then I started laughing because honestly, what else could I do? What's sad is this scenario has happened about once a semester since I got back from Africa. Anyway, the moral of the story is, it's tough to feel positive about your status as an adult when you can't even get to class on time.

It's also easy to feel negative about your status as an adult when you can feel your body already starting to deteriorate. Now, I know all those middle-aged and older readers are currently scoffing at this statement, but listen people, it's my pain and it's real. This morning I woke up after going out last night, tired, sore and cranky because my knees felt weird and my toes were cramping. Well, the toe cramping thing has been an ongoing phenomenon, not sure I can blame that on aging. But! The knees thing is going to be a real issue, because I know it's coming from dancing in too high of heels (but we should all ask ourselves if there is such a thing for a 5"3' girl like me) all night. All I know is that the future of my joints does not look bright. I am nothing if not a Hobson, and based on family history and my current trajectory, I'll have a full knee replacement by my thirties. At least it isn't a hip. That would really be embarrassing. Anyway, it's making me think that I should find a hobby that isn't online shoe shopping and find a new way to exercise that doesn't involve repeatedly pounding the pavement. Honestly, I'd really like to take up swimming because, as we all saw/admired during the Olympics, swimmers are ripped. Unfortunately I sink like a rock. It's really weird. Not even the Dead Sea could keep me afloat. Anyway. That's probably a story for a different day.

In other news, I got my first job rejection letter! Still nothing to feel that great about, but the upside is that they didn't want me because I couldn't start right away, not because I lacked significantly in the qualifications department. At least I'm pretty sure that's the reason. Whatever. I've decided that my back-up plan is going to be to work either in sales at Nike (get at me employee store) OR at one of those upscale pet hotels. Actually my normal plan just might be the upscale pet hotel, because honestly, it sounds like a dream come true. So many pampered pets, so little time.

xoxo, Lauren 

*I don't know where I heard this rumor, it's all very mysterious, but the general consensus in my life these days has been that never revealing all the cards in your hand is the way to go. It makes blogging kind of difficult, because all I do is talk about myself, but hey, I've also heard confidence is sexy, and I'm pretty sure confident and conceited are closely related in the family tree of personality traits. I have also heard that reading is sexy. Which, if you'll notice, I've been doing a lot of. TWO FOR TWO BABY.