Well it's July 1st, believe it or not. Actually I just checked my computer calender. It's July 2nd. I thought it was the 1st. Just like last week on the 25th I thought it was the 18th. I had to study the calender for a long time before I figured it out. What can I say? I'm not great with numbers! Anyway, the point is, it's July and the weather sucks. It's been cloudy for what feels like years. All my tan from my time in New Orleans, a place that really knows how to do spring, is gone. I'm becoming one of the mole people. I love Oregon with all my heart, and I think it's dang near perfect landscape-wise. But good God! Enough is enough! Even my well-thought out reasons for why the really isn't "that bad" are wearing thin. I know the rain  is why everywhere I look is a lovely shade of green, but how much water does a plant really need? And my trump card reason, hey! the weather won't kill you here! isn't even holding up. Because guess what? The weather might kill you. People don't buy blue lights because they're happy. They buy blue lights because they're teetering on the edge of seasonal depression, and it's very possible that they might soon be teetering on a real edge. No man can live without the sun for nine or ten months at a time. NO MAN.

I went back to a work about a month ago--still horrifically taxing for me but I do what I can because they pay me. During my many hours behind the bar, I've discovered that I'm not alone. When it's cloudy out, people get quad-shot lattes. That's four shots, people. They're propping themselves up on caffeine so they can see through the fog that surrounds them, both literally and figuratively! They cannot make it through their miserable existences, made even more miserable by the weather, without drugs! Albeit a legal and gentrified drug, but still. Caffeine. Highly addictive. But when the weather is nice, it's a whole different story. Suddenly people want small iced coffees and fruit granita. They smile and tip better. They think, maybe we'll go camping this weekend! rather than thinking, maybe I'll watch tv for 48 hours straight this weekend, trapped inside on my couch by the constant drizzle. I'm tellin' ya. The proof is in the pudding. Or the coffee cup.

Sidenote: Another thing I've discovered while working is that people make the weirdest "no" faces when you ask them if they want a copy of the receipt. Look next time you get the chance. Women are the worst. Head back, lips pursed, nose crinkled, slow head shake. Just really weird.

Anyway, as soon as the sun comes, which everyone says will be after the 4th but I'm skeptical, we will literally be singing the Northwest's praises. Singing. Because, in theory, the summer makes up for the winter. I'm a big believer of the theory when it's sunny. But ask me come March what I think. And I'll tell you I'm thinking I belong in Arizona.

xoxo, Lauren