I don't really  know how to say this, but here goes. I have become a staunch defender of Portland weather. I'm not really sure how it happened, but lately the weather in southern Louisiana has taken a turn for the wet and cold, and people are pissed. I predicted that I would be bitching with the best of them way back in November, but it's been quite the contrary--I've gotten wildly defensive. It's not even that cold! It's not even that wet! It barely rained today! The Times-Picayune just ran an article about how people in Baton Rouge were reporting an upswing in depression. Please. Talk to me when you've invested in a blue light. My professor today said someone should do a sun dance. I rolled my eyes. I almost punched someone when I said that this is what the weather at home is like in the winter and they said THAT'S AWFUL!!! Oh really? You know what else is awful? BLIZZARDS. HURRICANES. BLACK ICE. PLACES THAT ARE ALL BROWN AND BARREN BECAUSE THEY DON'T GET RAIN. Listen, I don't love the six or seven months of the year that we have clouds at home. I take my vitamin d just to make it through the day too. But I know where and why my weather at home happens, and I love it because of what it does for my little corner of the world. Oregon* is one of the most beautiful places on earth because of the rain. Lush and green and vibrant doesn't just happen on accident. It happens because we live in a rainforest. It rains because we're in a valley, which means there are mountains near me, big beautiful mountains that I love. I'm sorry, but the bayou just doesn't do it for me. It has a weird kind of mystique, but it makes me uneasy. I don't trust it, but I do trust the mountains. They are solid and reassuring, very dependable. Swamps aren't. Swamps are tricky and cunning and full of snakes and poisonous things. No thank you. Give me the rain and the green and y'all can keep the rest.

Someday I'll stop talking about the weather but for now it has me rankled. Another bonus to cold weather? It makes me feel cozy, which, for those who know best, I love. Cozy and dozy are two of my favorite things. They go hand in hand with one of my other favorite things, reading. Luckily, this semester is heavy on reading--four English classes and a Constitutional Law class will do that to a girl. I am blessed with a hungry brain though, and lots of rain these days, so rather than be distressed at the prospect of so many words and so little time, I am delighted.

xoxo, Lauren

*Generally I have a bit of a grudge towards Washington, primarily because of their drivers, but recently I've been finding it a prettier and prettier place, so I might start saying that Washington is also a beautiful place. I didn't really know about Mount Rainier until a few years ago. It must be all that cloud cover it hides under.