Right now I'm sitting outside on Starbucks' patio, listening to the carefully selected Starbucks' summer sounds mix compete with the Mexican restaurant next door's less carefully selected and wildly stereotyped sounds of mexico mix, and I'm surrounded by people. What's wrong with this picture? Hint: it's not just the music, or the people. Although under normal circumstances either would be plenty.

The real problem is that it's only maybe 70 degrees out and we're all sitting outside like it's the middle of August. It's not even that warm. The skies are blue but it's still a weak, weak June sun and everyone is drinking iced coffee, wearing shorts and flip flops, and pretending that our feet aren't freezing. I'm going to be honest, I wish I had a jacket.

It's always a sad day for me when I realize that I have once again assimilated into the mole-people of Portland mindset. All I know is that if it were this kind of day in New Orleans, which is about what you get in February, no one would think twice about still wearing a winter coat. Which I did, happily. I also wore boots. I wish I had both now.

I'm still going to sit out here though with all the other sad, pale people because I know it's probably going to be cloudy again tomorrow, and we won't see real nice weather until July, and you have to take serious advantage of even moderately nice days like these otherwise you'll sink into a deep state of depression that can only be remedied by a nice long sit in front of the blue light.* This is a city-wide thing. People flock outdoors at the first hint of sunshine, as they should. I still look around and wonder though, where are all these people coming from? It's not the woodwork, it's probably from UNDERGROUND. How there are not more people in this city with bluish-white eyes is an absolute mystery to me.

Listen, I love my city. But it's embarrassing how much everyone is blinking right now.

xoxo, Lauren

*a device that is supposed to give you enough vitamin d in one sitting to keep you off the ledge. I don't know if this is true or not, but we like to sit around it as a family and try and stay sane in the rain. It's the kind of fun bonding that can only be found in a city like the Gray Lady, aka Portland, OR.