I'm the worst political science major ever. I freely admit it. I'm not proud, just honest about the level of my dedication to a discipline that may or may not be real. Science in any division of the liberal arts is a little questionable, if you ask me--nobody says I'm a scientist...of politics. If they do, they probably get some really weird looks. Actually I know they do because I said that once, just to test the waters, see if people were receptive to the idea. They weren't. Anyway, in addition to that awkward moment, I'm a terrible political science major because I hate talking politics with people. I really do.

I read the Times and The Post, and I'm well-informed even on issues that don't make the news because I take classes on this stuff and somehow my professors know more about it than I do. I know better than most the implications of elections and passed measures. I take a stance, I vote and I do it happily. I love the American political system. I just don't love talking about it. I'll do a lot of things to avoid conversations that include the words Republican, Democrat, Socialism, Obama, Tax Cut, Deficit, Abortion, Women's Rights, Big Bird, and Binders. I'll use every passively deflective comment I can think of, I'll point out things that don't exist, I'll pretend to seize.

My problem with politics is that it brings out the very worst in people. You may have heard that their was an election recently, a pretty big one. It made a few headlines, I think. A few people were talking about it. The thing about it is though is that when people have their conception of the world threatened, which is essentially what 'politics' boils down to--how you think we are to be ruled--people lose the ability to reason, or behave at all. It would be fine to fight, spewing vitriol and the worst kind of anger and hate, towards the rest of the world if you were defending a nation of one. As far as I know though, no man is an island unto himself. Man is, in my experience, an American, just like 299 million other men and women. Like it or not, we all still have to live together in one place, regardless of how much yelling and angry Facebook posting happens. It's just obnoxious. And it kills me, most of the angriest people I know didn't even vote. Or can't explain why a candidate is qualified, only that he "represents my generation". Or are so ill-informed that the best they can do is say WELL I HEARD THAT.

Oh fascinating. Really, go on. And please--top it off by wishing the opposing candidate dead, or by letting me know that you swear you'll move to Canada if so and so wins. By all means. Be my guest. Except from what I hear they are a very peaceful people, so you probably won't get far. I'm just saying.

I got a little off track there. I recognize that. And really it's not the opinion that bothers me--I will respect your beliefs regardless of where you got your information or how stupid you sound. That's your right, just like it's mine to want to walk away. No, really it's the rage. How quickly we forget that tomorrow we will wake up and still be here! I should hope that no matter what happens, you can at least hope for the best. And try have a little respect for the office of the President. You don't have to like the man himself to recognize that he occupies a very important position not just for our nation but for the whole world.

You may have guessed, this last week was stressful. Tension was running high on campus and on the internet. I was dodging ballot interrogations right and left. But now that it's all been said, done and counted, I can go back to counting on the public to be blissfully unaware, and thus much less likely to express their political beliefs via facebook status. Hard out here for a bad poli sci major.

xoxo, Lauren