Sometimes I look at my life and I'm so impressed with myself. Not because I've accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, crossed off a plethora of things off the life list already--let's not get crazy here. But every now and then (ok pretty much everyday) I pat myself on the back and here's why: I am so functional.

All I have to do is think about the millions of decisions I make on a daily basis and I go ahead and congratulate myself. From the moment I wake up and decide how many times to hit the snooze button to the time I go to bed at night, it's a constant game of this or that. Usually the choice is easy--do I get coffee or be late to class? What should I wear today? Contacts or glasses? Banana or orange? Which checkout line should I go to? Should I acknowledge that girl who seems to know me? Which pandora station should I listen to? Where should I study? Should I study at all, or should I just go ahead and watch another episode of Desperate Housewives? Do I have time to clean that tea I just spilled on my carpet, or should I rub it in with my foot?

Trust me when I say it's the little things in life you have to give yourself credit for. Shout out to the type-As out there who push themselves constantly, obsess over every detail, and set their standards very high. The world needs people like you. Personally, I try and keep expectations for my daily performance low, and that way when I lay in bed at night I think, wow, what a productive day. I got up! I remembered to take my vitamins! I went to class! I hit the gym!

I know a few things for sure. Me and Oprah, remember? One of them is that life is hard. Another is that you can trick yourself into thinking that it's easier by adding things you've already done to your to-do list and checking them off like they're brand new items.

And for the aforementioned type-As smirking and thinking, "Ha, ha. I do all that and more," I say, that's fine. It's statistically proven that I will live at least two years longer than you because I spend so much less time stressed out and so much more time looking at pictures of puppies on the internet.

I will admit that I am a productive person and sometimes do fall into the rat race, and I do set high standards for myself in other ways. Like academics, more or less. I'm good at my job (my job is also good to me, so there is some incentive there). And how cute the boys are that I talk to. Important things. As the Lauren Turns 20 Program comes to a close, I've realized how much more productive I've become. Sometimes it's sad how much I now accomplish in a day, and how much more often you can see the floor of my room if only because if this is what I congratulate myself on now, I must have been an enormous slacker, like really appallingly lazy.

And it's not like I sit around and obsess over every decision, usually it's pretty easy--my secret is paring everything down to two options and then picking the option I like best. Sometimes I enlist help in the form of pick-a-hand, it's revolutionized quite a few lives. What I cannot do, and probably never will be able to do, is pick one item out of an infinite number of items. I need black or white. I think that's pretty common though, I read a Malcom Gladwell book about how people make decisions and it's true. Most people think variety is a good thing, but myself and Mr. Gladwell disagree. Give me A or B, or give me nothing. Or both.

Hopefully both.

xoxo, Lauren

p.s. It's my birthday week, which is very exciting. More on that later, don't worry.