A few nights ago I downed about a half bottle of Nyquil. It wasn't a suicide thing, it was a cry-for-uninterrupted-sleep thing. I slept beautifully--straight through the night and right into the next morning, despite an alarm that goes off every 5 minutes. Which it did. For an hour. It turns out that when they say plan for 8 hours of sleep, they mean it. I tried, but my greatest weakness, basic addition, got the best of me and I accidentally only planned for 7. I wanted to be awake at 7:15 and at work by 8. Nyquil...wanted another hour of sleep. To be honest I usually want another hour of sleep too. And normally I won't roll out of bed until about 7:45. But still. Getting up at 7:45 and barely being able to emerge enough from the fog of a drugged out sleep to realize that it's 8 and you're late is very different. I am not, by nature, a great morning person. As part of the Lauren Turns 20 Program I've been working on it--taking the 8 am shifts Monday, Wednesday and Friday at work was the best way I could think of to force me to be a "morning person". Morning people are productive and responsible. They grab life by the reins. They know how to get the most out of their day!

So far I've just been awake in the morning. I'm not more productive, I haven't seen any reins, and as for the getting the most out of the day....at least I've been reading the paper. Hell of a time Egypt's been having, right?

Actually, when it comes right down to it, I enjoy the break of dawn. I like walking out of my room and seeing the way the light comes down through the oak trees. I like being able to hear the squirrels scrabbling up through the branches and the linnets rustle in the leaves. I like to see the stillness but sense the quiet bustle of natural activity underneath the facade of calm. Everything's great until I have to buy my coffee from a scowling employee with Lil' Marvin tattooed on her wrist. (This woman is real. She's easily 250 and has a mustache.)

Humanity ruins my morning every time.

Normally I handle other people very well day-to-day. Sometimes I have the midday breakdown, or I'll snap on the unsuspecting victim, but usually I am the picture of goodwill and friendliness. There's just something about people in the morning that make me want to go Noah Rondeau.

I combat morning blues by sleeping straight through it--after 11 I'm happy as a clam, before I'm about as pleasant as a piranha. Needless to say I felt bad for the people wanting to print on Monday...

In other news, I am still sick. And it is very cold in New Orleans, it's 36 right now. Maybe tomorrow we'll have a snow day! Dreaming big has always been one of my strongest character traits.

xoxo, Lauren

p.s. Emily is still my favorite on the Bachelor, she is possibly my favorite contestant of all time. If she came to the TS desk, I would be nice to her. Even at 8 a.m.