Since I've gotten back to school, I've been working really hard on finishing my study abroad application--which is really just a wild goose chase for signatures from professors and advisors who may or may not exist. Today I was searching for one such professor, the head of the Political Science department, and though I found her office I didn't find her (just a picture of her in a banana hat...odd to say the least), and so I headed downstairs to go back to my room and watch the Bachelor.*

Which is when I saw what must certainly be the biggest emblem of bad luck ever in the world. Out the third story window was a little black cat face, and as I got closer I realized THE BLACK CAT WAS SITTING ON A RED LADDER ON A ROOF. And then to make matters worse A CONSTRUCTION WORKER WALKED UNDERNEATH IT. And then right off the roof.

Just kidding, he was fine. And so was I. I stared right into the cat's green slit eyes for about thirty seconds without blinking, just for good measure. I'm not sure if that's bad luck or not, it seems like it should be.

It's no wonder though that New Orleans is such a superstitious place, and frankly, I'm always on the brink of being scared right off the ledge of sanity and straight into voodoo. As I was leaving the building, terrible black crows were screeching in the oak trees (Miley is still filming on campus, I think that's why) and a storm was kicking up, which made the sky go a truly evil purple-black. I know that this weather would be there regardless of whether or not a black cat sat on a ladder. But still. If you lived here long enough, I'm sure you too would be triple crossing Marie Laveau's grave in a heartbeat.

Sidenote: Marie Laveau, Voodoo Queen, is not actually buried in the tomb everyone marks up. She's in a mortuary in Metairie. See? Voodoo's a bunch of hoodoo. I have had the weirdest pain in my lower back though lately...just kidding, voodoo dolls aren't real either.

Actually I had quite good luck the rest of the day. My delightful English professor (the one who cared so much about the Penguin Classic line-up) has agreed to be my faculty advisor. It started raining before I left my room without an umbrella, which is a first. My boss caught me refilling the printers with paper, instead of on facebook, which is what I was doing ten seconds before. So far, no one has opened any credit cards in my name (all my information was stolen a couple weeks ago off of a Tulane laptop...bum draw though, I have 9 bucks to my name and zero credit).

I laugh in the face of danger.

xoxo, Lauren

*Emily is still in the running, she's Mother Theresa in the body of Barbie. Loves.