I've heard that some people think my paternal Grandmother is a little off her rocker, which may be true. But I admire her immensely. For example, once I went to her house on a Tuesday at 1:30 and she was still in her jams. Now that's a woman I can respect.

Part of the Lauren Turns 20 Program is not staying in my bed so much, but I've realized that I'm fighting a losing battle. It's genetic.* Today I woke up at 10, got out of bed at 12, had the privilege of going to Bruff (our absolutely dismal food commons on campus), took a shower, put on different sweats but I made progress! I sat in my cozy chair. I can though, and have, stayed in my pajamas and in my bed for hours without ever getting tired of it. Although I take a lot of naps.

This can be debilitating at times; very not conducive to the fast pace of the modern world. But it looks like beds are my third great weakness. Most beds will do. I'm partial to my own, but Rachelle's is great for mid-morning cozy time and Sam's room gets great light in the afternoons for me to look at. Sometimes they'll be in the middle of good books for me to read--generally that's what I occupy my downtime with, otherwise I will be on my Godsend of a laptop. I spend a lot of time curled up and thinking about the state of my life, other people's lives, what the optimal thread count level is for sheets, you know, normal things. When I'm not at home, I have been known to commandeer many people's beds, usually Morgan's roommate's bed. She may or may not know about this, I'm just saying.

I think, given the opportunity of a lengthy and uninterrupted stretch of time to indulge in my bad habit, I would get tired of laying around. I am an active person. I do have a life and job. It's hard but I make it work. I'm sure my desire to be swaddled in layers of blankets and curled in the fetal position points to some sort of deep-rooted psychological problem but whatever, it's just one more thing to tell my therapist.

Get it?

xoxo, Lauren

*I think at some point I will have to ask myself,Lauren, how much do you really want to be like Grandma Claire? And I will probably answer myself, well, somewhat. I want to be like her in some respects. For example, I would like to be able to party late into the night at age ancient. This is an impressive aspect of her personality that I can only hope to someday have.

p.s. The English professor keeps on getting better for a variety of reasons: first, he made a fb page for Lemuel Gulliver, and now Crusoe and Gulliver are posting on each other's wall. They're currently discussing the West Indies. Also, my professor has snazzy Rock and Republic jeans. And finally, he made references to both True Blood and one of my favorite shows, Psych. What a winner.

p.p.s. Miley's back. They're filming right in the middle of the main thoroughfare on campus, so I had to walk through the quad to get to the LBC today. It was rude. And she was wearing an awful dress. Really just hideous.