I love a good party. There, it's out. Everyone's suspicions have been confirmed. Sometimes there's just something about a good smoky bar that can put a girl's mind at ease. I know that because of the dear city I have chosen to make my home for the last few years, my college experience has been different than most. I was brought up in booths at the Boot, not wandering from house party to house party. Do I regret that choice? Rarely. Although I do feel like I'm not as good at beer pong as I should be--I'm blaming my inability on not enough practice rather than total lack of hand eye coordination. But that's a debate for a different day. I shouldn't like parties, I shouldn't like them at all. Too many people, too much noise. It's unlike me to revel in that messiness. But some nights I revel. I join in. And then I like to leave unannounced  which, interestingly enough, was an aspect of my personality my sister keyed in on when she took a personality test with her coworkers. It's true. Sometimes I'll make myself say happy good-byes before fleeing off into the warm embrace of a Louisiana night, but normally I like to go unnoticed and have all that velvety purple black to myself.

Last night my sorority had a party at a place called the Republic (of what, I don't know), but the decor consisted of a lot of wood paneling and chandeliers, so I was on board. It was all kinds of raucous, debaucherous fun and so I was happy. There was also free food!The DJ team was one guy who mixed the songs, and one guy who played the saxophone along with it. Sounds like an odd combination, but it really worked for them. So we all danced and yelled how much we like each other's dresses and got drunk on feeling young and beautiful.

Which is all fine and good now, but someday I won't be young and probably not beautiful. I have a sneaking suspicion I will turn into a "handsome" woman. Which is unfortunate, but still very probable. However, I still don't think I will ever stop loving a good party. Maybe I'll class it on up when I get older, start  having dinner parties and going to wine bars. Champagne brunches? Parties that are disguised as "events"? I'm not really sure yet, but like every good WASP, I'll figure it out.

xoxo, Lauren