I've made no secret of the fact that this year my word was WORK--that I wanted 2018 to be defined by effort, by the time I spent putting thoughts down onto the page. I think I've been living it pretty well. I've been pushing and pushing myself to do more, be more, write more, see more. And it's paying off, in small and big ways. But I wonder if work could also be substituted by yes. 

This has been on my mind lately, but because it's come up in my social life, in the form of trips or time with friends. I'm starting to see too though that it's relevant for so many areas of my life, and what I've always thought of as work is really just another way to say yes. When I sit down at my computer to finger beat my way into words, what I always think of as my work, it's really just saying yes to writing and to my identity as a writer. When I think about working to expand my network professionally, it's really just saying yes to being a better teacher. When I think about holding workshops at church, it's really just saying yes to building community. All of these things I thought I had to do, I had to work to do, and actually it just took saying yes. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm sticking with work. Work has been good to me, work has been valuable. But I've also learned from work. It's a word that's laden with connotations: the heavy anchor of drudgery, of chore, of obligation. It doesn't do justice to the joy of it, of pursuing my purpose, of creating stronger communities, of sharing the light I have to offer. Then again, maybe yes doesn't either. But I think I'm getting closer.