Last night, in my seminar class on Ursula K. Le Guin, we were asked to respond to photos in whatever form we felt like. Prose, poetry, captions, pull quotes--whatever. I wrote a short poem to Cedar, one of the only poems I've ever written. I kind of liked it so I thought I'd share it here. Here's the photo that prompted it: 


Sweet velvet face

I’m sorry I yelled at you this morning

You laid behind me on the bed while I hunched over my computer

You pressed your throat longwise against my back and yodeled

A sorry whine of complaint

A sad lament for play

I didn’t have time

You always have time

You always have time for a walk

A snuggle

A treat

A dance party

A rant about whatever

You are everything a companion should be

I yelled at you this morning

I’m so sorry

You didn’t understand that I was in a hurry

I procrastinated

I waited too long

I needed to get out of the house 

And I was still in my robe

I had a mentor I didn’t want to disappoint

Instead I disappointed you

My most faithful friend

I shouted, get out get out get out

And you tucked your tail and looked at me


I thought my heart would break

It didn’t, but it was close

I’ll make it up to you tomorrow

We’ll go for a run 

We’ll sit in the canyon and watch ducks

For as long as you want

Tomorrow I’ll have time

Tomorrow I’ll have time for you

You are outside, biding your time 

Right now, for me