I knew it had been a long time since I’d posted last, but I hadn’t realized just quite how long until I looked at the date of my last post—August 29th. Nearly two months! Purely by accident, I’ve let the end of summer slip by and the start of fall begin in earnest without really even noticing it. I have no excuse except to say I was busy.

You’re always busy, you might say, and you would be right.

But I was a different kind of busy, the kind of busy that leaves the creative work I normally pin my life around hard to manage. I was dating again in earnest, and then had the misfortune of meeting someone I really liked—I say misfortune, because nothing distracts like the excitement of someone new—and then school started, and my students need me, and my professors need me, and my research needs me, and my thesis needs me, and hunting season is upon us, and the birds and the bucks need me, and where does that leave me? Not writing here, for a start.

So what did you miss? Here are a few things: one glorious morning out hunting pheasant with my dad, the kill of my first buck, Cedar’s fourth birthday (today!), one wedding, two readings, a slow dance in a living room, the leaves changing, the first rain, the last of the tomatoes, an apple so good I thought I might never eat another, walking all three dogs to the river, a trip to the pumpkin patch, the Pendleton Round-Up, a letter writing workshop, a lecture on dismal job prospects, the halloween costume I’ve been working on for a month. That’s been the last few weeks, in a nutshell. It’s reductive, but it’s about right, too.

I like fall too though, I like the way the end of the year seems to pick up steam. It has its own momentum, crashing on towards December and a new year, sweeping us along on the current. I’m just trying to hold on right now, to keep my head above water. Maybe soon I’ll be treading water, and in a few more weeks of this, I’ll learn how to swim. See you soon, friends.